How to Setup Stripe

1.  Go to Stripe and create your account.

2.  Login to your Stripe dashboard and Activate Your Account, Click “Activate Account” and fill out the standard business details Stripe needs to send you payments.

3.  Once you completed the entire form, click "Activate Account"


4.  Click the “API” menu option & copy the Secret Key and Publishable Key under Live Data.

5.  Go to and Click on SIGN IN/REGISTER link

6.  Login with your Shop Manager Credentials. You will then be taken to the "Orders" page as per below.

7.  Click on the Stripe link on the left side of the "Orders" page.

8.  Enter the Live Publishable Key and the Live Security Key on this page that you copied in Step 4.

9.  Click the “Save Changes” button.